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If no CLICK HERE then follow instructions on form and submit to the DWR North Central Regional office

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13. Pump Flow Rate “gpm - gallons per minute”:
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16. Do you have any water quality analysis of the well?:  yes no
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17. Have you experienced any of the following problems with your well of groundwater?
a. Bad taste  yes no don't know
b. Odor  yes no don't know
c. Hard water deposits  yes no don't know
d. Damage to plants  yes no don't know
e. Rust stains  yes no don't know
f. Black stains  yes no don't know
g. Sand production  yes no don't know
h. Well yield decrease/problems  yes no don't know
i. Impacts from other wells  yes no don't know
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18. Please add any additional information that you think may be helpful in the monitoring well

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19. Disclaimer:
The California Department of Water Resources maintains the water well drillers report required
by state law. These records may be very important to the groundwater level monitoring as they
contain useful information about the geology, groundwater level, and water well construction.
This information cannot be released without your approval. Please consider signing this release
form so that information specific to the geology, groundwater level and well construction
information can used strictly for this program. All owner identification information including
name, address etc., will be maintained confidentially.

*By checking this box you agree to the above terms and that you are submitting this form as the well owner.

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